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Organisation of Labour Market

First degree studies with practical profile

Organization of Labour Market is the first degree study course with practical profile, targeted at people interested in issues of the labour market functioning and labour market management.

We encourage to choose our studies particularly those people who are interested in the following professions:

  • a labour market analyst
  • a HR expert
  • a training expert
  • a  career counsellor
  • an employment agent
  • a local labour market animator
  • a CSR consultant
  • and all those who would like to design and pursue own economic activity or organise activity under the third sector.

A major part of the course at our studies is practical in nature; those are mainly workshops, classes and discussion sessions. At third year of studies we envisage obligatory on-the-job training of 360 hours and not shorter than 3 months.

Social Policy

First and second degree studies

Social policy is a modern study course in social science. Among others, the studies incorporate sociological, economic, political and legal subjects. The line of studies is interdisciplinary in nature because a multisided overview of social processes facilitates the understanding and changing of the reality and coping in occupational life. We invite both people who are particularly interested in social issues and would like to work on them also after studies, and all those young people who would like to study social sciences with focus on their practical application in many fields of life, such as: social projects, local development, social research, local administration, human resources management, social marketing, etc.

Our graduates are employed in various positions in the public sector, NGO sector and in business – wherever versatility and understanding of the realities of human life and work is needed. They also run their own businesses and are awarded for their activities.

Family Sciences

Second degree studies

The contemporary demographic trends in place in Poland create new challenges both from the viewpoint of economic development and the condition of the society. The declining birth rates, ageing of the population, reduced stability of marriages, increased scale of lonely parenthood and contemporary problems of children and youth, as well as poor effectiveness of actions targeted at support for families, result in growing interest of researchers and policy-makers in broadly understood family policies.

Modern studies preparing for fulfilment of various occupational roles and functions in the system of family policy and assistance to families are the right answer to the changing context in which Polish families function.

The second degree studies offer several optional majoring subjects, e.g. „local labour market”, „working with families in practice”, „financing and organizing social projects”, “human resources” and others.

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